Safety Decking

Portway supply and fit G-DECK which provides a safe working platform and fall-prevention safety measure at every stage of a construction project, It provides an access system that can be loaded with materials, enabling work to be carried out at height by every trade on site; from bricklayers, to joiners, electricians and plumbers.

Durable and robust, our G-DECK provides complete versatility that can be reconfigured to meet changing needs on site as a project progresses, including easy adjustments to different heights and handrails to enhance safety.

G-Deck is an industry-leading crash deck solution with a range of unique features:

G-DECK is the strongest working platform available. Capable of loads easily up to 600kg/m2 it is three times stronger than any other working platforms.
G-DECK is the only working platform that can be truly free-standing with no wall-to-wall enclosure required to support it
G-DECK is versatile enough to be used as a builder's trestle, a working platform or a tower using the same components, delivering a genuine 3-in-1 system